Christian Resch

I have been training at Impact Fitnesstraining with Connor for a good 1.5 years two times per week. Apart from the fact it is incredibly fun and very efficient, I believe it is highly effective. Also, I save myself in comparison with a classic 'gym-goer' lots of time.

My training is mainly Golf based and we have a program of a mixture from Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Since I started not only has my golf game distinctly improved but it has also improved my overall fitness levels. I believe that Connor is a highly competent trainer that not only works goal related but also achieves those goals of increased performance and motivation while still making it fun.

I feel very well taken care of by him. His personal support during the training can only be described as excellent. In my opinion, this style of training is recommended to all that want to improve their fitness both short and long term despite age and condition due to the tailored made training plan and regular progress checks that come with the training.

Gitti Loroff

TOP Fitnesstraining with a very good Coach! I can without a doubt only highly recommend Impact in Ottobrunn. The EMA/EMS training is perfect for anyone that doesn't have much spare time! I have been a client for 3 years and am all round very happy.

Peter Bartlett
Despite initial reservations highly recommended. Achieving my goals to revive fitness and flexibility.