Personal Training  - custom made to reach your goals.

Why Personal Training at impact fitnesstraining?
Here at impact fitnesstraining we use a combination of all variations of fitness training to build the most effective training possible.

The basis for all of training is functional fitness, functional means what is functional to you and what you need taking in all aspects of your life. We then build a specifically made plan working with you and our expertise and experience for your goals and what your body needs.

Your personal training will be with you to train you every session, using knowledge to educate and motivate you and to look over you through the session making sure all exercises are done correctly to reduce injury risk and improve effectivity and all this done in a private gym setting so that you can concentrate fully on you.

We can help you get all round fitter and healthier both physically and mentally. Whether your goal is to get stronger, more flexible, build muscle, burn fat or train sport specific you can reach your goal with our coaching.