EMA Technology combined with Functional Fitness from your Personal Trainer.

Less Time und More Intense with EMA Training everything is done in 30 Minutes and is more effective than 2 hours of standard Strength Training.

How it works
With EMS Training you wear a special training suit with electrodes. These Electrodes are sprayed with water so the electric current flows better and equally through the suit and into your muscles. After spraying the suit with water you proceed to put the suit on and get started with the training.

The Training begins with the settings, as the client you are in control of telling the personal trainer when to stop as he slowly increases the intensity of the electric current both overall and for each individual muscles group. These settings are re done with every training as the client is with each session a little different, sometimes being able to take more or also less due to form on that day, this also gives the client and trainer the chance to slowly with the sessions increase the intensity of the training through how much of the electric current is being used. It is important to know that although we should be going to your limit with each session it should never be uncomfortable or hurt in anyway. The training lasts for 20 minutes in which time the intensity is high and the time is filled doing functional fitness with dynamic exercises.
After the training session is finished we simply take of the suit and you can shower, change and freshen up.

What is EMS?
EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation, and is a form of fitness training that comes from originally a medical background uses in rehab and physio taken further and used by astronauts in as fitness training to build muscle and strength as in space as muscle loss is a major problem with no gravity. The technology was then taken further to be used it a more traditional way of fitness for building strength, muscle mass and burning fat.

The Advantage with EMS is that the technology does a lot of the work for your body itself, allowing for much more full body muscle contraction than you could ever normally get in a standard style of training. This gives people the chance to train highly effectively in less time and allows for all types of people to train whether that be old or young and even those with injuries as the technology can work without putting stress of any joints etc.

The Technology
During exercise the brain sends signals or electric impulses to the muscles via the nerves, making them contract and relax.
With EMS instead of the brain sending these impulses the impules come from the EMS Machine through the suit you are wearing directly into the muscle cell causing the muscle to contract just as it would normally. However due to the impulse being from an external stimulant we can use it to get much more muscle contraction than normal therefore giving a much more effective training effect.

The difference between EMS and EMA
Do not get confused. EMS means "electrical muscle stimulation". EMA means "electrical muscle activation".

Therefore basically it involves in both cases bringing about muscle contraction with electric current. If you do this with EMS the motor nerves are stimulated which leads eventually to muscle contraction. Where as if you use high quality EMA the modulation of the medium frequency allows the activation of muscle cells in a quasi-physiological manner, therefore brings the muscle to contraction without stimulating the nerves. EMA though has other advantages over traditional EMS appliances. So for example cell activation and deep voluminous effects.

EMA training is so to speak EMS Training 3.0 ? depth and volume effects and cell activation

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